Can you look for a specific furniture item for me?

We sure can!

The easiest thing you can do is visit our Furniture Request page here and fill out the form, telling us your name, email address and a brief description of the furniture you're looking for. We travel all over the place to estate sales and auctions, so there's a terrific chance that we'll find exactly what you want if you don't see it on our site. We'll contact you when we find it — and you can also check back in our inventory to see what we have that's new.

Do you own a furniture store?

We do not own a furniture store. Unlike most sellers, we concentrate mainly on online furniture sales.

Are customers allowed to come view your furniture prior to making a purchase?

Yes! Customers are welcome to come view our furniture before making a final decision on their purchase. We're located in Thompson, Ohio, and if you need more information you can reach us through our Contact Us page here.

How do we contact you to make an appointment?

Customers can make appointments either through our Contact Us page here, or simply by sending us an email (harrycasey@windstream.net).

Can we pick up items at your location?

Items can be picked up at no charge at our location in Thompson, Ohio. You can find us via Google maps on our Contact Us page here.

Where do you get the furniture that you sell?

We sell 90% of our furniture items for consigners — people who are moving, getting divorced, liquidating their estate, or just need to clean out their home.

How do you ship your furniture?

We do not ship our furniture ourselves (although we would love to!), but rather through a third party. We work through reliable shippers who make sure that your furniture is safely brought to your location. We do everything in our power to make sure your items are brought safely and in a timely manner.

How does third-party shipping for furniture work?

If a customer chooses terminal delivery, their furniture will be brought to the closest warehouse in the recipient's city. If a customer chooses home delivery, the furniture item will be brought right to the location of their choice.

Does the shipper bring the furniture all the way into my home?

If a customer chooses home delivery for their furniture, the item is brought all the way into your home. First floor delivery is included in this service; if the furniture needs to be carried up steps, please email us for a quote — although the fee will not be too much more.

We personally prefer home delivery, because the furniture is delivered by a professional blanket-wrap shipper, which is a lot more safe and secure.

How long does furniture shipping usually take?

Furniture shipping usually takes from 3 - 6 weeks. Some furniture will take less time. Timing depends on whether or not a shipment truck is full, and whether it's already scheduled to go to the time zone where your delivery is located. The shipper will call in advance to schedule the final delivery day and time, and furniture being shipped to remote locations may take longer.

If you need a specific delivery date set up, just email us and we'll see what we can do.

How do you determine furniture pricing?

We try to create furniture pricing at a very competitive rate, because we do not have a large warehouse space — so we need to move items quickly. We even offer a best-offer option to our customers. In most situations, we act as the middle man to negotiate for the buyer and the seller.

Do you accept layaway?

We do! Please email us here and we can set up an individualized payment plan for you.

How do you ship furniture so cheaply?

We strive to offer our customers the best prices on furniture and shipping costs. We put a flat rate on shipping, but sometimes we have to pay our shippers more depending on the location where the item is being delivered.

How long have you been selling furniture?

We have been selling furniture online for thirteen years, but combined, we have forty years of experience in fine furniture. We have formed lasting, genuine relationships throughout the years, giving us the ability to find excellent, value-priced furniture from coast to coast.

Will you purchase my estate?

Sure! We would love to purchase or consign your estate of fine furniture. We have to be selective, because we have limited warehouse space. Some of the brands we are interested in are:

  • Henkel Harris
  • Kittinger
  • Baker
  • Hickory
  • Karges
  • Ethan Allen
  • Henredon

If you have any furniture or an estate you'd like to sell, email pictures to us here.

Will I really get the actual furniture item I purchased?

Yes! You will get the exact item that is pictured on our site.

Purchasing a big furniture item online, site unseen, can be a scary thing to do — although it's certainly more common than it used to be! With every sale, we strive for customer satisfaction and repeat customers.

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